Question: Who Is The Best Singer And Dancer In BTS?

Who is the laziest in BTS?

who is the laziest of all members of bts?Rapmonster.






Who is the fattest member of BTS?

Though every member of the group is quite slim, Suga is the lightest, at 130 lbs. Jungkook, the youngest member of the group at 22, is the heaviest at 154 lbs.

Who is the best dancer in BTS?

Who is the best dancer in BTS?So we have RM on the 7th rank. I am not saying he is the worst dancer because he is not. … Now SUGA has to be on the 6th rank for me. … JIN has to be on the 5th RANK for me. … Now, for me IT IS JUNGKOOK on the 4th rank. … YES. … Now, JIMIN is on the 2nd RANK. … For me, it is V on the 1st Rank.

Who has the best vocals in BTS?

JungkookIn Bts, technically speaking, Jungkook has the best voice. PLEASE DON’T HATE ON ME I THINK THEY’RE ALL AMAZING. But, Jungkook has the best vocal technique, you can tell in the way that he holds high notes and the placement of all his singing.

Who is the main vocalist of BTS 2020?

JiminJimin is the lead vocalist of the K-pop group BTS.