What Is Another Word For Scattered?

What is the synonym for scattered?

disperse, break up, disband, separate, go in different directions, move in different directions, go separate ways.

dissipate, disintegrate, dissolve.

drive, send, put to flight, chase.


assemble, converge, congregate..

What is the synonym and antonym of scattered?

ˈskætɝ) To cause to separate and go in different directions. Synonyms. separate break up dispel disband disperse dissipate divide. Antonyms. disinherit connect join stay attach.

What is opposite of scattered?

“scattered showers”; “scattered villages” Antonyms: consistent, ordered, concentrated, coherent, logical. Synonyms: unconnected, illogical, disordered, disjointed, garbled, confused, disconnected.

What is a word for spread out?

What is another word for spread out?open outbloominflatespreadspread wideswellwidenwiden outextendstretch17 more rows

What is meant by scatter diagram?

Quality Glossary Definition: Scatter diagram. Also called: scatter plot, X-Y graph. The scatter diagram graphs pairs of numerical data, with one variable on each axis, to look for a relationship between them. If the variables are correlated, the points will fall along a line or curve.

What’s the opposite of serenity?

serenity. Antonyms: agitation, disturbance, storm, tempest. Synonyms: calm, fair weather, hush, peace, stillness, tranquillity.

What does being scattered mean?

Another meaning of scattered is “messy” or “disordered” — you can describe yourself as scattered if you’re feeling disorganized and confused. The word scatter is probably related to shatter, “break into pieces,” from a Middle English root. Definitions of scattered.

What is it called when something spreads?

disperse. verb. to spread, or to make things spread, in different directions over a wide area.

What does cluttered mean?

: to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness a room cluttered with toys —often used with upToo many signs were cluttering up the street corner.

What does scutter mean?

Noun. scutter (countable and uncountable, plural scutters) Thin excrement. A hasty run.

What is a Elusive?

eluding or failing to allow for or accommodate a clear perception or complete mental grasp; hard to express or define: an elusive concept. cleverly or skillfully evasive: a fish too elusive to catch. difficult to find: hoping that elusive donors will finally contribute.

What is the opposite of unhappy?

Wiktionary. unhappy(adjective) Antonyms: joyful, delighted, happy, joyous, exuberant, glad.