Who Is The Most Hated Person In Game Of Thrones?

Is Joffrey The most hated character?

Most of the Game of Thrones characters were morally questionable as people, but nobody can argue with the fact that one of the worst was without a doubt Joffrey Baratheon..

Who is the strongest person in Game of Thrones?

With many players in the game of thrones viable candidates, here are the ten most powerful characters in Game Of Thrones, ranked.1 The Night King.2 Bran Stark. … 3 Melisandre. … 4 Bloodraven. … 5 Arya Stark. … 6 Daenerys Targaryen. … 7 Jaqen H’ghar. … 8 Mirri Maz Durr. … More items…•

Who is the actual hero of Game of Thrones?

Tyrion LannisterA Song of Ice and Fire character Game of Thrones characterPeter Dinklage as Tyrion LannisterFirst appearanceLiterature: A Game of Thrones (1996) Television: “Winter Is Coming” (2011) Video game: “Iron From Ice” (2014)16 more rows

Who is the most loved character in Game of Thrones?

Top 5 fan favourite characters of Game of ThronesTyrion Lannister. Credits: www.pinterest.com. The ultimate anti-hero, Game Of Thrones’ little person is definitely a crowd-pleaser. … Jon Snow. Credits: www.pinterest.com. … Daenerys Targaryen. Credits: www.pinterest.com. … Cersei Lannister. Credits: www.pinterest.com. … Arya Stark. Credits: www.pinterest.com.