Question: What Is The Spanish Of No?

How do you say 9 in Spanish?

Let’s go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner!…The Numbers 1-10.NumberSpanishPronunciation8ochooh-choh9nuevenway-vay10diezdyays7 more rows.

What is the reply to Gracias?

de nadaThe response to gracias that you’re most likely to use or hear is de nada (you’re welcome), or you could say, if appropriate, a tí (thank you). For greater emphasis you can use no hay de qué (don’t mention it). Dos kilos de naranjas, por favor.

How do you answer negatively in Spanish?

Moreover, if someone asks you a question, and your response is negative you’ll need to use the word ‘no’ twice. The first time to answer the question, and the second time to negate the verb. This is because the Spanish language doesn’t have an equivalent of ‘don’t’.

What is the number 30 in Spanish?

30 – treinta. 31 – treinta y uno.

What language is no comprende?

Someone told me “No comprende” is better than “no comprendo” in Spain Spanish, when you don’t understand something in general. : Spanish.

How do u say 25 in Spanish?

If you want to say the word for “20” in Spanish, you would say, “veinticinco.” It’s part of a sequence you may already know: veinticinco (25), cincuenta (50), setenta y cinco (75), cien (100).

How do you say 1000 in Spanish?

Unlike English, you do not say “one thousand” for the number 1000 in Spanish (un mil is incorrect), but simply use the word mil.

How do u say 40 in Spanish?

Print a set of Spanish color word dominoes; each tile has numbers on it in Spanish and symbols 0 through 6 (cero, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis)….NumberEnglish (pronunciation)Spanish (pronunciation)40forty (FOR-tee)cuarenta (kwar-EN-tah)9 more rows

What is the meaning of NO in Spanish?

(Nothing.) A negative preceded by a preposition retains that preposition when placed before the verb: No habla de nadie./De nadie habla. (He doesn’t speak about anyone.)

How do you politely decline in Spanish?

To decline an invitation in Spanish politely, you can use one of the following phrases: Lo siento, pero ya tengo un compromiso – I am sorry, but I have already made plans….Finally, if you need to know where and when to meet your friends, you should ask:¿Dónde quedamos? … ¿A qué hora quedamos? … ¿Podemos quedar sobre las …?More items…•

What is the number 20 in Spanish?

Numbers in Spanish 1 – 10020 veinteveinte unoveinte ocho40 cuarentacuarenta y unocuarenta y ocho50 cincuentacincuenta y unocincuenta y ocho60 sesentasesenta y unosesenta y ocho70 setentasetenta y unosetenta y ocho4 more rows

What is no comprendo?

Phrase. no comprendo. I don’t understand.

What is the difference between no comprendo and no Entiendo?

2 Answers. Most of the spanish speaking community I am around use “no entiendo” to indicate they do not understand a term, phrase, or communication. I hear it most often. Comprendo is used to indicate you do not comprehend a situaton, circumstance, or operation.

How do you say no comprende?

Do you understand what s/he is saying? .-No, I do not understand. ¿Comprendes? .-No, no comprendo./ Sí, comprendo. > Do you understand? Do you see? .-No, I don’t understand./ Yes, I understand.

What is the number 28 in Spanish?

NumberEnglish (pronunciation)Spanish (pronunciation)26twenty-six (twen-tee-SIX)veintiséis (Veh-een-tee-saze)27twenty-seven (twen-tee-SEV-en)veintisiete (Veh-een-tee-see-ay-tay)28twenty-eight (twen-tee-ATE)veintiocho (Veh-een-tee-OCH-o)29twenty-nine (twen-tee-NINE)veintinueve (Veh-een-tee-new-EH-veh)6 more rows

How do u say goodnight in Spanish?

Buenas noches means good night in Spanish. You can say it going to bed and also to greet somebody or say good bye.

What are the numbers 1 to 100 in Spanish?

1 – 100 Spanish Numbers1 uno11 once41 cuarenta y uno9 nueve19 diecinueve49 cuarenta y nueve59 cincuenta y nueve69 sesenta y nueve99 noventa y nueve10 diez20 veinte50 cincuenta60 sesenta70 setenta100 cien15 more rows

What is the opposite of alguien in Spanish?

The opposite of alguien, nadie is used exclusively to refer to people.

Where do you put no in Spanish?

You probably never even considered the word do or does as part of a negative sentence in English, but you must remember that Spanish does not use any helping verbs to make a sentence negative. They simply place a no in front of the verb.